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"What exactly happens after we die?" It's a sad fact of life. Everyone dies. We plan for life, and seem so sad to see it end. We celebrate the life of those who are dead, and we bury them with sometimes elaborate ceremonies and pray for their souls. Nobody really knows what happens next. Nobody can say for sure. Many prophets and soothsayers throughout history have attempted, but the fact that no one really knows is why there are so many competing belief systems trumpeting their version of the outcome. Death is the beginning of the consummate journey. A journey where the "end" is as clear and concise in perception as the beginning, occuring simultaneously with every event in cosmic history. A journey which began in prehistory, and which ends with Universal Knowledge. It shouldn't be rushed, or sudden when it happens, but sometimes is. It shouldn't be sad, but always is. It shouldn't be thought of as an end, but as a beginning. All mythology contai
"Why do I feel Christmas is somehow "special" if it is only a Christian holiday?" The Universal Mind "remembers" all days as holidays. But the concept of "honoring" a day as a "celebration" of those past and a respite and time of recollection for those present is purely an idea in the "living realm" of Earth, where we are right now. I think one of the reasons in popular culture why we celebrate a "Universal Holiday" is because mankind needs this kind of self acknowledgement of historical importance. "Christmas" was a pagan festival at first, another time for celebration and recollection, testament to early man that he was in fact "in charge" of the planet. After the Christians took over most of the civilized world, the pagan holiday became a religious holiday, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the "savior" of mankind. When I was a youngster, this is the version of Christmas I mos
Should I be as upset as I am about the state of Mankind? I really don't know. Is this a fair assesment of the truth? I am upset, I do know this. Sometimes I think I'm the only one as upset as I am. But the question is: should I be? I wrote this on the "Universe of Coincidence" page on June 2, 1999 "The knowledge is not new, nor is it mine. I am but a conduit for the truth. The truth exists. Listen, and learn. And rejoice.You are not alone, and neither am I. We might have different belief systems which cause us to quarrel and bicker, fight and kill. But after we pass into the other existence, we come to The Realization.. And we know what we should have known all along." If I am right, I shouldn't be upset, because I know that after death, there is nothing to "worry" or "wonder" about anymore. In the folds of Universality, the mind which is melded forever with the cosmos stops doubting, because now the mind "realize
If there is no Heaven and no Hell, then is Hitler in the same afterlife? Even Adolf Hitler is a part of the Universal Mind, whether or not he felt connected during his lifetime, whether or not he committed suicide to avoid being tried for war crimes, even with the idea that terrible acts were perpetrated in his name which almost destroyed a nation of men. Hitler, the "person" ceased to exist upon his passing from the corporeal plane of existence. This is one of the ideas that my "epiphainies" have told me outright. All Mankind, All "Beingkind" is linked to the Universal Consciousness, and no matter what "happened" to these men and beings in their lifetimes in the corporeal existence, this doesn't matter in the Universal Consciousness. Why can't we fathom this basic inconsistency, especially if born and raised Christian, as I was, which definitely "splits" the afterlife into "Heaven" and "Hell"? We can
These past few weeks have been enlightening. I feel a deeper connection with the Universal, the Great Spirit, the Cosmic Force, and with Jesus, Muhammad, Buddah. The events of the corporeal world seem to get worse, and mankind is losing his understanding, even though he has not had much of it for the past two thousand or so years in the first place. Recent events in the Middle East involve civilians being beheaded by more than just misguided radicals, but insane people with strange personal agendas, who are disgusting mankind with their actions, killing their fellow man in the midst of his pleas for sanity, and turning their backs on the same Allah they proclaim to honor above all Gods. They are not terrorists at all, but murderers. NO ONE but deranged individuals will follow their preachings, and it does look as if there is an army of incredibly deranged individuals intent on destroying their country, and themselves in the process. These radicals do not care. And this is what makes
Does It Bother You, as a Christian, to say you Believe there is no Heaven or Hell? This question was always the "clincher", and I might already have dealt with the answer a bit in other writings. I still believe in Jesus Christ. I believe he is my savior, and I do NOT doubt that he is the "Son" of God. I embrace a fuller aspect of the "Bible Story" concerning Jesus, his teachings, and the eventual outcome of our soul's depository. I believe that when the soul passes from the corporeal existence, it transcends the "planes" of Heaven or Hell, and that if they do in fact exist, then they exist merely as another "stepping stone" to eventual fulfillment in the cosmos. I never thought of this in quite the same way before, and perhaps I have had an epiphany of late that tells me of these things, as if, as I know, they are the Truth. My "problem" with conventional Christian Belief early in my studies was that if one didn
"Are there any books in the hereafter?" I loved it when I heard this question proposed by a co-worker who loves to read. For her, knowledge and understanding are gained through the words of the sages, written for her to ponder, absorb, and be fulfill her concept of this understanding. Of course there are no books in the hereafter. But my co-worker should not be upset or concerned. There doesn't need to be books or the written word in the hereafter. The Universal Mind, by the very fact of this universality, "knows" and "understands". This is the Universal concept. All knowledge and inspriation, the very stones on which the libraries of the world were built, reside in the Universal Mind. All the great minds of history are combined with the minds of you and me. The "absorbtion" of a good read will still be "enjoyed" by all, and by one, because of the nature of this universality. An instant is an eon. A leaf is a tree. A
The Concept of "Wonder", why it makes us human, and why it disappears. It is human to "wonder" and to question one's existence. It sometimes seems, to a secular mind, that life is a game, a test of time, a fallacy of existence. The rocks don't seem to age, but they do. They just follow the geologic timetable, and it is much slower than the timetable we humans keep. I wonder if rocks wonder? Will I ever find out? The "wonderful" answer is yes. We all find out, but we can't discuss it until we do. That's the sad fact of the Universal Mind. It doesn't open until we pass from our "wondering ways" and into that mortal tomb. Only then does our "star stuff" pass into Univesality, and all "wonders" cease. Will wonders never cease? They do, but we are in no earthly rush to kill ourselves and find out. (Well, some of us anyway.) When we pass, the Mind opens. The Mind, that part of us which causes us to wo
"Can one believe in Muhammad, Christ, or any one diety, and believe in the teachings of another as well? Isn't this blasphemy?" I preach conventional blasphemy. For some terrible reason, our history has always favored one diety over another, depending upon "who's in charge." This is to the detriment of the populace at large, who usually have to worship the current God in Favor. The major prophets were all channelling the godhead. I believe the prophets themselves were blessed. It is the historical unraveling of thier basic tenets which has caused the ultimate rift in mankind. I truly believe that Jesus Christ, upon which the major religion of Christianity is based, Muhammad, upon whom the faith of Islam has it's benchmark, Buddah, or Sri Krsna, and a wealth of other similarly enlightened prophets were endowed with spiritual epiphanies. The Universal Truth is that these tenets, these great teachings, have been bastardized and circumvented thoughout th
If a Concept is Universal, and includes all forms of religious and spiritual thought, then does it account for extraterrestial life and UFO's? Most certainly if a Universal concept could be grasped, then it would have to contain references which would suppose a belief in UFO's and life on other planets. I believe there is life on other worlds. It seems that the Universal Mind might exist outside the confines of our solar system. I believe by reason of my humanity, I cannot fathom the idea that connects planetary systems through a life connection. And perhaps there have been visitations, experimentation, and abductions? Perhaps. If there are other species of life, then what use is there to characterize them at all. They are, by their very nature, alien to us, and this could mean, as has been predicted in science fiction for ages, either a friendly bond with a Universal purpose, or the end of mankind as we know it. Are they in fact lizards who walk among us? Who am I to say