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These past few weeks have been enlightening. I feel a deeper connection with the Universal, the Great Spirit, the Cosmic Force, and with Jesus, Muhammad, Buddah. The events of the corporeal world seem to get worse, and mankind is losing his understanding, even though he has not had much of it for the past two thousand or so years in the first place. Recent events in the Middle East involve civilians being beheaded by more than just misguided radicals, but insane people with strange personal agendas, who are disgusting mankind with their actions, killing their fellow man in the midst of his pleas for sanity, and turning their backs on the same Allah they proclaim to honor above all Gods. They are not terrorists at all, but murderers. NO ONE but deranged individuals will follow their preachings, and it does look as if there is an army of incredibly deranged individuals intent on destroying their country, and themselves in the process. These radicals do not care. And this is what makes