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Should I be as upset as I am about the state of Mankind? I really don't know. Is this a fair assesment of the truth? I am upset, I do know this. Sometimes I think I'm the only one as upset as I am. But the question is: should I be? I wrote this on the "Universe of Coincidence" page on June 2, 1999 "The knowledge is not new, nor is it mine. I am but a conduit for the truth. The truth exists. Listen, and learn. And rejoice.You are not alone, and neither am I. We might have different belief systems which cause us to quarrel and bicker, fight and kill. But after we pass into the other existence, we come to The Realization.. And we know what we should have known all along." If I am right, I shouldn't be upset, because I know that after death, there is nothing to "worry" or "wonder" about anymore. In the folds of Universality, the mind which is melded forever with the cosmos stops doubting, because now the mind "realize