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There seems to be a lot of weather anomalies lately. Is something happening that signals the end of mankind? Throughout recorded history, there have been numerous reports of weather anomalies, increased earthquake activity, and great damage caused to the earth and it's atmosphere. As science advances, and more detailed methods of recording these "anomalies" are widely used, we receive more and more information concerning them. The earth's "plate tektonics" which cause earthquakes, have been moving and shaking since the beginning, and the continents used to be much closer than they are now. As the "earth moves", earthquakes happen. When man builds massive cities on the "faults" of these plates, they are always in danger of being destroyed when the plates rub up against each other.The great tsunami of 2004 was not "unnatural". It was a natural phenomenon caused by the moving of the plates under the sea, which caused a "bubbl