The Concept of "Wonder", why it makes us human, and why it disappears.

It is human to "wonder" and to question one's existence. It sometimes seems, to a secular mind, that life is a game, a test of time, a fallacy of existence. The rocks don't seem to age, but they do. They just follow the geologic timetable, and it is much slower than the timetable we humans keep. I wonder if rocks wonder? Will I ever find out?

The "wonderful" answer is yes. We all find out, but we can't discuss it until we do. That's the sad fact of the Universal Mind. It doesn't open until we pass from our "wondering ways" and into that mortal tomb. Only then does our "star stuff" pass into Univesality, and all "wonders" cease.

Will wonders never cease?

They do, but we are in no earthly rush to kill ourselves and find out. (Well, some of us anyway.) When we pass, the Mind opens. The Mind, that part of us which causes us to wonder, that part of us which becomes alive in dreams, becomes all. This transformation is so "wonderful" that it is unexplainable while we "exist". In effect, our "existence" commences at the time of it's extinction. So the mortal vessel, and it's short life on the planet Earth, and all it's "wonders" will cease.

Ironic perhaps, but it's something to wonder about.


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