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"What really happens inside the Universal Mind?" Many people have written about their ideas, ruminations, expectations, fears, and faith about what happens to the mind or soul after corporeal death is achieved on the planet Earth. People have been living for millennia knowing that their death is imminent and can happen at any time. Religion and philosophy have provided somewhat iffy "answers" to the Universal questions and most common folk have to rely on blind faith and chance, since nobody has ever "come back" to tell the tale. I believe I was given an epiphany many years ago which told me "exactly" what "happens" after death. It doesn't include angels with harps, devils with tridents, God on a throne, or other icons of my Christian upbringing. The epiphany was solidly presented, as if in a waking dream, and I have lived my life since learning about the "truth" knowing that I have nothing to "worry" about up