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If everybody attains perfection in the universal plane at the end of life regardless of what occurred during their life, doesn't that mean everything we do here on Earth is completely meaningless? Perfection is simple. Imperfection is very difficult to grasp, hold, and keep in store. Yet doesn't it seem oftentimes that everything which happens in life is imperfect, irrational, and sometimes blitheringly stupid, and rarely do we glimpse, participate in, or become part of something perfect? We do attain perfection, but we are imperfect beings on Earth. This is the simple truth. We are born "sinners", as the Christian faith believes. We are on a search for Nirvana, according to the Hindu fatih. Basic tenets of religion describe the human animal as unfit for the hereafter until some kind of cleansing process is acheived. This "cleansing process" is the Final Realization life is given at it's end. On Earth, the Universal Mind inhabits a flawed receptacle, a
Imagine you have a personal time machine which can take you anywhere. Where do you go, why, and what could possibly happen? Have you ever wished you had a time machine? Are you disappointed in life, and want to go back somewhere to "start over"? You might be happy with your life, and would just like to see what it was like (or what it's going to be like) in another time period. Perhaps you might want to visit somebody from "history", or maybe even make your own kind of history. The past has a lot to teach us, and being able to "live" in the past for a while would probably be a great teaching tool for most of us. And then there's the future. Who hasn't wanted to know what's going to happen tomorrow? And tomorrow? And tomorrow? We tend to think of time as a linear line, the "timeline". It began a long time ago, in prehistory, around the "time" of that "Big Bang" or even earlier, and it stretches to "infinit
"A Hole in the Wall" A Fable, by Michael F. Nyiri Began Sunday, July 11, 2004 (first three paragraphs.) Written Sunday, January 7, 2007 Any similarities to persons living or dead, or to real events or places are purely coincidental. This is a fairy tale. Not an attempt to preach or proselytize. there were two kingdoms separated by a wall. No one really knew how long the wall had been separating the two kingdoms, but everyone in both kingdoms remembered that it had always existed, and everyone in both kingdoms knew that each Kingdom abhorred and disrespected the denizens of the other kingdom, as they had been taught for many many generations. The seers and teachers of each kingdom taught that each kingdom "belonged" on the same spot of land, a most holy spot of land, and this spot of land had always been contested. Throughout the centuries, the armies of both kingdoms fought long and hard to gain ownership of this spot of land, and thousands had died in the defend