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Does It Bother You, as a Christian, to say you Believe there is no Heaven or Hell? This question was always the "clincher", and I might already have dealt with the answer a bit in other writings. I still believe in Jesus Christ. I believe he is my savior, and I do NOT doubt that he is the "Son" of God. I embrace a fuller aspect of the "Bible Story" concerning Jesus, his teachings, and the eventual outcome of our soul's depository. I believe that when the soul passes from the corporeal existence, it transcends the "planes" of Heaven or Hell, and that if they do in fact exist, then they exist merely as another "stepping stone" to eventual fulfillment in the cosmos. I never thought of this in quite the same way before, and perhaps I have had an epiphany of late that tells me of these things, as if, as I know, they are the Truth. My "problem" with conventional Christian Belief early in my studies was that if one didn