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Why Do I Dream? I was sitting in my chair and felt a bit tired, dozing off as usual after having been up early on a Saturday morning attending to my website at 4:00 a.m. The movie I was watching, although exciting, was not a match for my sleepiness, and I put the movie on pause, stretched the recliner to it's backmost position, took off my glasses and closed my eyes.As I lay in thought, memories and observations passing one in front of the other, my mind meandered, and I felt at peace.One or two times, I would actually pass a bit into slumber, but mostly I stayed in that strange in between state between waking and sleeping. That state where my mother used to come and visit when she was actually in her hospital bed so many years ago. Sometimes in this state, I can "open my eyes" but my eyes aren't open. I can "see myself" in my chair, dozing off. I won't attempt to explain this strange state as astral projection, or as expeiencing the unconscious, and ac