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"What exactly happens after we die?" It's a sad fact of life. Everyone dies. We plan for life, and seem so sad to see it end. We celebrate the life of those who are dead, and we bury them with sometimes elaborate ceremonies and pray for their souls. Nobody really knows what happens next. Nobody can say for sure. Many prophets and soothsayers throughout history have attempted, but the fact that no one really knows is why there are so many competing belief systems trumpeting their version of the outcome. Death is the beginning of the consummate journey. A journey where the "end" is as clear and concise in perception as the beginning, occuring simultaneously with every event in cosmic history. A journey which began in prehistory, and which ends with Universal Knowledge. It shouldn't be rushed, or sudden when it happens, but sometimes is. It shouldn't be sad, but always is. It shouldn't be thought of as an end, but as a beginning. All mythology contai