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If there is no Heaven and no Hell, then is Hitler in the same afterlife? Even Adolf Hitler is a part of the Universal Mind, whether or not he felt connected during his lifetime, whether or not he committed suicide to avoid being tried for war crimes, even with the idea that terrible acts were perpetrated in his name which almost destroyed a nation of men. Hitler, the "person" ceased to exist upon his passing from the corporeal plane of existence. This is one of the ideas that my "epiphainies" have told me outright. All Mankind, All "Beingkind" is linked to the Universal Consciousness, and no matter what "happened" to these men and beings in their lifetimes in the corporeal existence, this doesn't matter in the Universal Consciousness. Why can't we fathom this basic inconsistency, especially if born and raised Christian, as I was, which definitely "splits" the afterlife into "Heaven" and "Hell"? We can