"Are there any books in the hereafter?"
I loved it when I heard this question proposed by a co-worker who loves to read. For her, knowledge and understanding are gained through the words of the sages, written for her to ponder, absorb, and be fulfill her concept of this understanding.
Of course there are no books in the hereafter. But my co-worker should not be upset or concerned.

There doesn't need to be books or the written word in the hereafter.

The Universal Mind, by the very fact of this universality, "knows" and "understands". This is the Universal concept. All knowledge and inspriation, the very stones on which the libraries of the world were built, reside in the Universal Mind. All the great minds of history are combined with the minds of you and me. The "absorbtion" of a good read will still be "enjoyed" by all, and by one, because of the nature of this universality.

An instant is an eon.
A leaf is a tree.
A rock is a world.
A mind is all minds.
Through history.
Through space.
Through time.

There is no need to worry.
No need to complain.
No need to read. But the immense pleasure gained from any earthly conceipt should be absorbed and experienced fully thoughout our "stay" on "terra firma". That is what your "Realizations" should teach you. This is what I learned through my "realizations".
I seldom read books anymore. I feel I have absorbed the knowledge that books contain.
I feel as if I contain some of the Universal Knowledge which some people cannot absorb except by books, and that is why I am writing. Perhaps I can teach. Perhaps the Universal Mind has tapped me to prophesize the existence of an "afterlife" or "hereafter" where there is no "book of life" or, on the other extreme, where there is no firery pit of hell.
Imagine that perfect world.
No one can. I can't, not here. Not on Earth.
But as soon as we pass from our universe of realizations on Earth, it doesn't matter if we learn or not, because we will, in that "INSTANT" at the time of the Universal Realization, instantly understand. We will be "transported" to the "mothership" of good intentions. We shall walk with Jesus in the Garden of Faith. We shall be at peace with the Buddha. We shall embrace Muhammad. We shall not be afraid of quantum physics, nor the theory of evolution. We shall be "star stuff", and we shall meet those from other worlds, who might or might not know more right now than we do.
But one important, all inclusive point has to be made now.
That is: when we all get together, at the time of death, we know why we disagreed and we never disagree again.
And again.
And again.

If you love to read, read the wonderful news of Ecstatic Happiness inherent in our Universal Providence. Read now, because you soon won't have to. You might remember all the wonderful things you experienced in this life, and perhaps a few others as well.


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