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"Are there any books in the hereafter?" I loved it when I heard this question proposed by a co-worker who loves to read. For her, knowledge and understanding are gained through the words of the sages, written for her to ponder, absorb, and be fulfill her concept of this understanding. Of course there are no books in the hereafter. But my co-worker should not be upset or concerned. There doesn't need to be books or the written word in the hereafter. The Universal Mind, by the very fact of this universality, "knows" and "understands". This is the Universal concept. All knowledge and inspriation, the very stones on which the libraries of the world were built, reside in the Universal Mind. All the great minds of history are combined with the minds of you and me. The "absorbtion" of a good read will still be "enjoyed" by all, and by one, because of the nature of this universality. An instant is an eon. A leaf is a tree. A