Does It Bother You, as a Christian, to say you Believe there is no Heaven or Hell?

This question was always the "clincher", and I might already have dealt with the answer a bit in other writings. I still believe in Jesus Christ. I believe he is my savior, and I do NOT doubt that he is the "Son" of God. I embrace a fuller aspect of the "Bible Story" concerning Jesus, his teachings, and the eventual outcome of our soul's depository.

I believe that when the soul passes from the corporeal existence, it transcends the "planes" of Heaven or Hell, and that if they do in fact exist, then they exist merely as another "stepping stone" to eventual fulfillment in the cosmos. I never thought of this in quite the same way before, and perhaps I have had an epiphany of late that tells me of these things, as if, as I know, they are the Truth.

My "problem" with conventional Christian Belief early in my studies was that if one didn't "Believe" in Christ, then one was not "saved". I always would think of the "poor heathens in Africa" and the fact that if the "missionaries" didn't receive the proper funding with which to go over to the African Continent and "Preach the Word of God", then these people were "doomed to Hell".

How utterly and hopelessly wrong I was to believe in this dogma. Those souls do not believe in "Christ" perhaps. "Christ" was not meant as a "final answer" although conventional Christianity teaches us we are doomed if we do not believe he is such. As "my personal savior" I believe I will ascend to Heaven, will possibly be "raptured" and will "live with Jesus for a thousand years on Earth." All in a blink of geologic time's eye, and perhaps as true as predicted.

But this is not "all", and this is possibly where I have to "split" with the conventional Christian Beliefs. The Universal Mind encompasses EVERY SOUL, not only those in "Heaven" but those in "Hell" as well. The ULTIMATE TRUTH of existence on the Universal plane is a complete and utter blending of thought processes, history, nature, and spirit. The reason my Belief in the Universal Truth exists for me, and I have said this often, is because it does not discount any of the belief systems, and attempts to make room for them all.

I am a Christian.
I do believe I am saved.
And I do believe that Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, and all living, gone, and yet to exist souls will coalesce into the Universal Cosmos. The Star Stuff of Being. We are all part of the ongoing Mystery of the Universal Mind. And we will soon find out what wonder means when we don't have to wonder any more.


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