Should I be as upset as I am about the state of Mankind?

I really don't know. Is this a fair assesment of the truth? I am upset, I do know this. Sometimes I think I'm the only one as upset as I am. But the question is: should I be?

I wrote this on the "Universe of Coincidence" page on June 2, 1999

"The knowledge is not new, nor is it mine. I am but a conduit for the truth. The truth exists. Listen, and learn.
And rejoice.You are not alone, and neither am I. We might have different belief systems which cause us to quarrel and bicker, fight and kill. But after we pass into the other existence, we come to The Realization..
And we know what we should have known all along."

If I am right, I shouldn't be upset, because I know that after death, there is nothing to "worry" or "wonder" about anymore. In the folds of Universality, the mind which is melded forever with the cosmos stops doubting, because now the mind "realizes" the "truth" of "existence" and there is no more reason to quarrel and bicker, fight and kill. That Mankind is quarreling, bickering, fighting, and killing in record numbers does upset me, but this behavior defines Mankind, so it certainly isn't new, or any worse than it's ever been. My corporeal mind finds it hard to grasp this concept. But I remember in the late 80s I bought a "World History Timeline" book, one of those coffee table size volumes with double fold out pages which pinpointed all of world history. My friend Mike and I looked for instances of trouble in the Mideast (The Crusades), and plagues like AIDS, and came up with numerous examples of cyclical occurrances in Mankind's behavior patterns besides that of the weather. Plagued by plagues which decimated nearly complete civilizations, rampant technological advances which caused manufacture of ever more sophisticated and deadly weapons, and strife centering around Palestine. (Or, Israel, by it's modern name) Mankind has been quarreling and bickering, fighting and killing for thousands of years. He's not about to stop now.
But when mortal death claims the "bodies", the "soul" or "life essence" or "karma" or what ever one wants to call it, passes into the Other, and "realization" is achieved. Time, space, knowledge, existence and philosophy cease to matter. The "mind" exists. "Consciousness" becomes "SuperConsciousness." And there is no reason to be upset at the misgivings of Humankind.
The ill advised and unknowingly perverse, the false and the fallacious, the devil and his advocates, will all join with me and you in the "Ultimate Adventure", that which has existed throughout all our lives, our pre-lives, and our post-lives at the same time. This is a realization, of course , which is yet to happen in this "time line of our lives". So I will conclude that I will still get upset, but I don't really need to be so upset.

I can't "change the world". Heck, hardly anyone even reads this blog, judging by the hit counter, and I don't update as often as I should.  I do know that others share my views, and embrace this theosophic, panthiestic world view, no scratch that, Universal View. I am upset only as much as I want to reach out and "Shake Humanity Awake!"

Our squabbles are all petty, and we're just forcing the advancement of our "realization" as we kill ourselves. I only wish we would realize how to bypass these petty squabbles while we share this planet, that we slowly destroy.

I'm upset, but I'm solid in my belief that this, too, shall pass, and I'm ready to fuse with the cosmos, when I don't have to worry or wonder any more. At whatever time that moment comes. I hope it is a longer rather than a shorter time, because I like it here. I really do. Nature and the Promise of Mankind are still in evidence if one knows where to look.


katrina said…
I love it that there aren't any other posts--they
get me sidetracked--having now been EXPELLED
for dropping below half time. Oh well, I got more
to write and I need to do it now.

I don't know how long I have to do it. There is a good DOD pamphlet on the war in Burma and
infectious disease. Where were your parents in
the War?
katrina said…
This is kj/kt.

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