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"A Hole in the Wall" A Fable, by Michael F. Nyiri Began Sunday, July 11, 2004 (first three paragraphs.) Written Sunday, January 7, 2007 Any similarities to persons living or dead, or to real events or places are purely coincidental. This is a fairy tale. Not an attempt to preach or proselytize. there were two kingdoms separated by a wall. No one really knew how long the wall had been separating the two kingdoms, but everyone in both kingdoms remembered that it had always existed, and everyone in both kingdoms knew that each Kingdom abhorred and disrespected the denizens of the other kingdom, as they had been taught for many many generations. The seers and teachers of each kingdom taught that each kingdom "belonged" on the same spot of land, a most holy spot of land, and this spot of land had always been contested. Throughout the centuries, the armies of both kingdoms fought long and hard to gain ownership of this spot of land, and thousands had died in the defend