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Every life ends with Death, and that's the way it is. I know that the end is preordained, simply because there is an end to every beginning. My own personal life, as I age, telescopes: the days become weeks become years, and now they are becoming decades. I know that mankind's life span on Earth is perfect. As one starts to accommodate all the data learned and absorbed during a hundred years, one realizes that technology and thought has passed him by. Each time he learns something else, he has to forcibly forget, or, sadly, have to see something dearly learned years ago, pass from humankind's need to know, simply because the cultural technology passes, and passes one by. The body then breaks down, dissipates, and decays. At that time the mind doesn't need the body. At the time of physical death, at least that of old age, the mind has the perfect time to pass away from this life and into the next, where the limits are not posed on the capability of the mind to unders
If all the world's religious truly believe they worship the "one true God", then why are there so many, and why don't they realize they can't all be right? This question was tantamount in my search for the truth of mankind's existence. Since I had worshipped in at least three somewhat competing protestant churches by the time the decade of the 1980's had arrived, I knew that no one, in fact, must possess the ultimate truth, but like all truth, small bits of it were strewn throughout the religious dogmas and doctrines of mankind. Upon the termination of viewing a PBS documentary about the history behind biblical stories, I found that connecting threads of truth, the early version of it anyway, started to unravel pretty early in history. As competing and warring sects of one religion would break away, and as one dynastic world power subjugated another, religious truths morphed and multiplied, and it is very easy to spot, from a historical perspective, that
What Happens After We Die? What is the Proof of Existence? While searching for the Truth of Existence, whether from Philosophy texts while studying at college, or from sermons given by countless preachers and priests, prophets and pundits, I finally came to the Great Realization one afternoon while slumming with friends, positing the theory, in point of fact, now, my Universal Theory, that all the differences in ideologies could basically be traced to one simple belief, and that belief is the belief in the Human Mind as the receptacle of all knowledge, truth, and existence, in inside the Human Mind is the key to the door of Universal Knowledge. Without seeming to sound "preachy" or "omnipotent", I basically "prophesized" to my assembled friends, acquaintances, and neighbors, that there is not, in fact, a separate "Heaven" and "Hell", two diametrically opposed dwellings for Humankind's souls after the surcease of life on Earth, but
The WebMaster completed the task at hand. He created the blog in someone else's template, changed the colors, all but one, and he gave in and used it instead in his graphic, so all was well. He surveyed his work, and saw that it was good. Perhaps, he thought, the blogs were best built in the blogosphere, and the Universal Blog would live there too, hopefully spreading it's gospel of love, tolerance, and unending hope for the soul of Man, the Universal Mind, the place we understand when we die. That is the key to understanding the depth of life's mysteries, and the ironic Truth to the conclusion of questions and irratic thinking. So behold the blog of blogs, the kingdom of kingdoms, the host of hosts. This is the birth of the Church of the Universal Mind. Heed the WebMaster.
Prologue the First. The Universal Mind is the answer to the question posed by mankind since his inception. The search for the Universal Truth has been the penultimate journey which has taken mankind from the edge of the precipice of his experience to the brink of almost utter destruction and decimation. Even if mankind denies the fact, he observed from the beginning of his perception of existence that he could understand and conceive of certain concepts, but other concepts eluded him. These concepts resulted in his journey to find the Universal Truth, the search for God. His search is not over yet. Until the words I have been holding pent up inside me for 50 years spill out in this the Universal Blog. And although my "epiphany" upon reading yet more blogs, and blogs about blogs, and through my inability to correct inconsistencies with past blogs, came as I was powering off the computer, and getting ready to "go out the door", and although the name univer