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Do you think we humans have a reason for existence? Do we have a purpose here on earth? Or, in other words, as philosophers and theologians have been questioning for millennia: "What is the Meaning of Life?" Consider this. We are here for a reason, but we aren't meant to know what it is yet.Humans are part of the vast network of total Universal Life. From the tiny amoeba to the great extinct dinosaurs, from the beauty and delicacy of a single rose bloom to the spectre of alien beings. "We" seem to be the only species of life who thinks, communicates, creates legacies, and plans for the future, even if, as mortals, we won't be around to experience said future. Because of our power of thought, we ask questions, and we ponder our very existence, sometimes to the extent that we seldom enjoy our existence while it lasts. Instead of living for each moment, irregardless of "time served", we catalog and organize our time, we draw up calendars and timetable