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How can you declare that you believe in a "Universal Mind" which encompasses a variety of different belief systems and still believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? I was raised a Christian, in the Baptist Church, although never baptised. I was "reborn" as a Pentecostal. I've always believed in the power of Christ's ministry, and I believe He is the Son of God. I will go a little farther, and declare that all of humanity are children of the Godhead. If there is life on other planets, they, too, are the progeny of the universe, and children of God. The Universal encompasses God, and God encompasses the Universal. All time is a moment in the cosmos, and in that moment, anything can, and has, happened. Creationists dispel the scientific evidence that the earth is millions of years old, preferring to have faith in the Word of the Holy Bible, which, in the first verses of the first chapter of Genesis, declares the creation of the universe in seven days b