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If homosexuality is wrong, and God knows all, then didn't he know that some of his children would turn gay? And if he did know, then why would he create them just to damn them to hell? Who is God? Is he an old man with a white beard sitting on a big throne amongst the clouds in a "place" called "Heaven" doling out dogmas and directing traffic on Earth? I hardly think so. "God" is a catchphrase for the unknown Universal Entity. In most Western religious scenarios, "He" is the "creator", the first in the Universe, and the "One", according to the Holy Bible, who fashioned all of everything. He is all knowing and all powerful. He caused some problems for mankind in the early days, back in the Old Testament, when mankind didn't listen to him, but in basic Christian theology, after he sent his "Son", whom we know as Jesus Christ, to Earth a little over 2000 years ago, He has been a kinder gentler God. The mess
An instant is an eon. A leaf is a tree. A rock is a world. A mind is all minds. Forever. Through history. Through space. Through time. Forever. Now. You write a lot about the Universal Mind. How would you classify this as a religion? In 2010 I was asked to participate in a Xanga poll questioning our religious affilliations. The poll asked: Are you Christian, or part of a Christian sect, or are you an athiest, or Muslim, Hindu, etc. I answered as always that I adhere to the epiphanies which gave me the key to the understanding of the Universal Mind, and as always, I linked to the Universal Blog, as I will at the bottom of this post. I received a return message. Do you have a separate category? As I always do, I classified the Universal Mind theory as a pantheist belief, as opposed to a theist belief. However, just recently, as I have been delving more into studying the tenets of Buddhism, I also would compare the Universal Mind, and my search for enlightenment, to the similar sea