If there is no Heaven and no Hell, then is Hitler in the same afterlife?

Even Adolf Hitler is a part of the Universal Mind, whether or not he felt connected during his lifetime, whether or not he committed suicide to avoid being tried for war crimes, even with the idea that terrible acts were perpetrated in his name which almost destroyed a nation of men. Hitler, the "person" ceased to exist upon his passing from the corporeal plane of existence. This is one of the ideas that my "epiphainies" have told me outright. All Mankind, All "Beingkind" is linked to the Universal Consciousness, and no matter what "happened" to these men and beings in their lifetimes in the corporeal existence, this doesn't matter in the Universal Consciousness.
Why can't we fathom this basic inconsistency, especially if born and raised Christian, as I was, which definitely "splits" the afterlife into "Heaven" and "Hell"? We can't fathom it because we are not meant to. The "truth" is revealed to us "after" we pass from this existence. When Hitler died, he, too, came to "the ultimate realization". He was "absolved" of his "mortal sins", his "tyranny" his "baser thoughts" at the moment of his final realization. I and you will encounter this realization soon after our passing, and then we "realize" that it didn't matter all along.
Consider that the joining of our individual consciousnesses with the Universal Consciousness is the single most important part of supposed "existence". In that moment, which lasts but a millisecond and an eternity, everything meshes with our own feeble "consciousness". Our "one mind" joins the "Universal Mind", and ceases to be "one" but part of "many". The feelings, thoughts, and sins we encountered in our Earthly existence are still there, but account for such a small part of what our Understanding will Encompass, that it isn't that important to even think about at all. I myself can hardly wait to feel what the evil and good, two "Earthly" concepts which purport to be "spiritual concepts" shall speak to my Universal Mind, once I am part of the cosmic consciousness. Is a rock or a blade of grass evil or good? Do the waters of the rivers and streams of this existence harbor sane or insane thoughts? We know that all of Gaia's creations are part and parcel of the Universal. Evil only exists in our minds right now, in this time, in this existence. There are some terrible things being perpetrated in the name of "God", as always, throughout History. God has a lot of things to "tell" us when we pass into the SuperConcious after life, but our "Earthly Existence" has always been programmed to halt the coming of our deaths as much as possible.
With each passing year, I am more than ready to "meet my maker", the "maker who has been telling me this Great News for most of my life. The "maker" who lets me know that it doesn't matter, Universally, what evil people may accomplish on the Earth, because this evil doesn't exist in the next plane. Perhaps it is a test which Hitler failed terribly while here, but he was given "another chance" when he joined the other more important "beinghood" in the Universal.
My, what Great Things Await Us all after we shake off "this mortal coil" as Shakespeare called it, and embrace the cosmos. I am ready, and I don't need to pack any "Earthly Baggage" because my ticket, as is yours, has already been stamped, and there is a Universal Seat made ready on the train to Everywhere!


Dear Sir,

I guess I'm just a tad confused, if as you say everyone has a place in the Universal Mind and that absolutely nothing we do on Earth matters to the Universal Mind what is the purpose of living on Earth at all? Does it matter if we do good things or bad things, does it matter what we believe? How can you say that we are all a part of the Great Cosmos regardless of what we do in our life and then also say that we have a purpose in life if nothing we do matters in the long run?

Thank you,
Josh Dasher

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