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"Why do I feel Christmas is somehow "special" if it is only a Christian holiday?" The Universal Mind "remembers" all days as holidays. But the concept of "honoring" a day as a "celebration" of those past and a respite and time of recollection for those present is purely an idea in the "living realm" of Earth, where we are right now. I think one of the reasons in popular culture why we celebrate a "Universal Holiday" is because mankind needs this kind of self acknowledgement of historical importance. "Christmas" was a pagan festival at first, another time for celebration and recollection, testament to early man that he was in fact "in charge" of the planet. After the Christians took over most of the civilized world, the pagan holiday became a religious holiday, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the "savior" of mankind. When I was a youngster, this is the version of Christmas I mos