If a Concept is Universal, and includes all forms of religious and spiritual thought, then does it account for extraterrestial life and UFO's?

Most certainly if a Universal concept could be grasped, then it would have to contain references which would suppose a belief in UFO's and life on other planets. I believe there is life on other worlds. It seems that the Universal Mind might exist outside the confines of our solar system. I believe by reason of my humanity, I cannot fathom the idea that connects planetary systems through a life connection. And perhaps there have been visitations, experimentation, and abductions? Perhaps. If there are other species of life, then what use is there to characterize them at all. They are, by their very nature, alien to us, and this could mean, as has been predicted in science fiction for ages, either a friendly bond with a Universal purpose, or the end of mankind as we know it.

Are they in fact lizards who walk among us? Who am I to say? I don't know, and have never myself been abducted or has any E.T. ever phoned me. But I cannot shake the fact that there have certainly been numerous instances thoughout history where disparate accounts have been similarly voiced. There could be other beings on other worlds. There could be other forms of thought in other dimensions. I don't know, but I embrace the idea that there might.

Could aliens be our "Gods"?

Not likely. If they exist, they exist in a Universal way, either one in which they can "reach out an touch us" or one in which they use mind control. It doesn't matter, because a Universal Mind exists which WE cannot even grasp. That is why it is so important that we give our doubts sway, and believe in the Universal Concept.

There might be aliens. Who knows? I won't say there aren't. Same with leprechauns and fairies. There are those in Ireland and Scotland who have seen fairies, denizens of another train of thought. Do they exist? Perhaps? Why not? Probably. Same with our little gray men.


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