These past few weeks have been enlightening. I feel a deeper connection with the Universal, the Great Spirit, the Cosmic Force, and with Jesus, Muhammad, Buddah. The events of the corporeal world seem to get worse, and mankind is losing his understanding, even though he has not had much of it for the past two thousand or so years in the first place.
Recent events in the Middle East involve civilians being beheaded by more than just misguided radicals, but insane people with strange personal agendas, who are disgusting mankind with their actions, killing their fellow man in the midst of his pleas for sanity, and turning their backs on the same Allah they proclaim to honor above all Gods.
They are not terrorists at all, but murderers. NO ONE but deranged individuals will follow their preachings, and it does look as if there is an army of incredibly deranged individuals intent on destroying their country, and themselves in the process. These radicals do not care. And this is what makes them even more dangerous. In the name of Allah, they should be struck down with the force of the Cosmic Consciousness. As an electrical designer, I have been ready to fly to places all over the globe if a problem arises with one or more of our panels that my company manufactures. We have panels in the Middle East, in Saudi Arabia and in Kuwait. Some of the panles in Saudi Arabia developed problems some time ago, but they were thankfully repaired before our company had to "fly me out there" as my boss is always saying. I could easily have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and be kidnapped, tortured, and beheaded, so these events do hit "home" as it were.
One wonders how truly bad these events will get. It's not enough that soldiers die every day, but that these radical crazies can grab the world's attention, and post the photos of the beheadings on their websites is atrocious. I won't even watch the news, the photos in the newspaper are bad enough.
The Answer to the Universal Questions are only played out in the Cosmic Consciousness after our death on this plane. We (the righteous and the deranged) all come to the Final Realization at some point in the process, and the Meaning Becomes Clear. This existence is but a small "test" of our will, our stamina, and our resolve. I welcome the passing and have done so for years, although I want to exist on this plane as long as my body allows me. The men who are beheaded in the name of radical ideas, but are really being needlessly slaughtered in the name of religion, and old conceit which has been around at least as long as mankind has been on the planet, are only joining the Universal Mind a little earlier than they had planned.
It is time for a Reasoning Force to quit the insanity which causes these deaths.
If my boss wants me to go anywhere other than back to my office, I probably will refuse, as long as engineers, interpreters, businessmen, and journalists are not safe doing their job in this most volatile part of the world, where, not so coincidentally, mankind first came to awareness and began to slaughter himself in the name of religion.


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