"What really happens inside the Universal Mind?"

Many people have written about their ideas, ruminations, expectations, fears, and faith about what happens to the mind or soul after corporeal death is achieved on the planet Earth. People have been living for millennia knowing that their death is imminent and can happen at any time. Religion and philosophy have provided somewhat iffy "answers" to the Universal questions and most common folk have to rely on blind faith and chance, since nobody has ever "come back" to tell the tale.

I believe I was given an epiphany many years ago which told me "exactly" what "happens" after death. It doesn't include angels with harps, devils with tridents, God on a throne, or other icons of my Christian upbringing. The epiphany was solidly presented, as if in a waking dream, and I have lived my life since learning about the "truth" knowing that I have nothing to "worry" about upon my final retirement from existence. Some facets of "life" in the Universal Mind have bled into my present "life", and I've been talking and writing about the "Universal MInd" since having this epiphany, but I've never exactly listed the "events" or "places" inherent in my belief. Some of what I know and believe is fairly simple to explain, and some is less so. The concept of "Universal" encompasses everything, as the name implies.

Here for the first time in one article I shall attempt to paint a picture of what happens inside the Universal Mind.

Many who have "returned" from a near death experience tell of encountering a "tunnel" with a bright light at the end. Supposedly this is the entrance to Heaven, and some think they might have "seen" or "felt" the presence of those in their immediate orbit who have passed away, like beloved family members, friends, or mentors. Some near death or returning from actual death for moments have described "floating" above their own bodies. Our experience is based upon shared happenings, knowledge of happenings, and what we have read or been told throughout our lives. Enough of what we share is somewhat truthful, and some of what we think we know might be doubtful. If someone says they saw an "angel" then those who believe in angels will point out that this perpetrates that particular truth. I just wrote that my ephiphany didn't include angels, but this doesn't hamper the possible truth of their existence. I was christened after the archangel Michael, and I won't tell you he doesn't in fact exist. I also will not tell you that the many strange looking gods and goddesses of the Hindu religion don't "exist" or that an angel named Moroni buried some plates on the American continent which told of an exodus of ancient Zionists who settled here long ago.

My belief in the Universal Mind never attempts to discount any story that has been told or any legend that has been passed down from generation to generation. I believe there is more truth in the battling religious and philosophical beliefs held by mankind than there are lies. I believe that perhaps a lot of what seems to be different events and descriptions of holy personas are really more similar than different, and have been molded and shaped throughout millennia by the chosen ones of the respective belief systems to conform to their societies and systems. If we could pare away the false retellings and recountings, and go back to the beginning, we would find that a lot of what are now known as "holy books" of various faiths are merely differing versions of the same story.

We create "life arcs" while living, and these arcs end with our death. We are buried, or burned, and our souls or "essence" go to "someplace better". Those who remain memorialize and remember this life, and we envision a scenario where the departed can hopefully "see" and "understand" what is still happening on Earth as we survive him or her. Movies and television shows us this happening with the half transparent body of the deceased hovering around the gravesite during his burial or sitting on the gravestone next to the funeral procession.

Here is what really happens.

When the final breath is exhaled, the corporeal mind begins it's encapsulation in the Universal. While alive, we hardly use the full capacity of our minds. While going through the motions of "life" we are given "realizations" throughout our lives by the Universal, and some simply ignore these realizations, but some choose to embrace them and alter their life courses accordingly. Some may talk of "luck" or "kismet" but the people who reap the most rewards from life are those who are able to sow the seeds which come from the fruits of their realizations. When one finally dies, he experiences the "final realization", his "ticket" to the Universal journey.

The "final realization" could be likened to one's "life flashing before one's eyes." Since there is no concept of "time" in the Universal, where "now" is all that exists, the idea of a complete life appearing as if on a personal movie screen in moments doesn't really seem so impossible to grasp. We can dissect time into hours and minutes. For some 60 seconds can seem like an eternity in certain circumstances. Our final realization takes but a millisecond in "Earth time", but seems as if we are living our lives all over again. We not only "watch" what is happening, but we experience it again, and this time we are "given" a broader perspective. We are shown the realizations we have been given along our path to this final one, and we instantly understand where we took the right paths and where we took the wrong ones. We "realize" everything inherent in life and death. We are omnipresent. We are godlike. We are Universal. If life is a series of pop quizzes, then death is the final exam.

Is there a golden gate at which St. Peter grants us entry? Is there a physical "book" listing our good works and our foibles? I won't say yes or no. Perhaps some of the trappings of the Christian faith are in fact truths which appear on the way toward Universal acceptance. Perhaps we are granted another round of existence on Earth, a "reincarnation" if you will, which is a concept we know from study of some Eastern religious beliefs. In the end, however, we pass from Earthly existence to Universal existence completely and without a doubt. As I've written before, even the mose despised and seemingly evil personas in Earthly history, like Adolph Hitler, were granted the final realization and are accepted into the Universal Mind.

In the Christian faith, in which I was brought up, Jesus died in order that all mankind can be saved. There are some rebuttals to this concept. Hitler killed himself rather than face the war tribunals which would doubtlessly have signalled his execution. Catholics believe that when one ends one own life, he cannot be redeemed and cannot even be buried in sanctified ground. Hitler was in denial up until he pulled the trigger. However when his body stopped breathing, his soul or essence was granted his personal final realization, and he might have had to go through a few "circles of hell" to achieve true Universal acceptance, but he is part of the Universal, as is Ghandi and Jesus. Evil and good. Me and you.

So after death, and before Universal immersion, the soul might go through other motions, including cavorting with devils or angels, living another life or two, maybe even experiencing life on Mars or Alpha Centauri. The Universal Mind encompasses the Universe. That's a vast "place" which includes many other "heavenly bodies". Maybe there is life on these bodies, and they are part and parcel of the Universal as well.

There is no time in the Universal. Once coupled with the Universal Mind, all thought is shared completely. All questions are answered. Its as if the Univrersal gives us a big 'gotcha". We understand everything instantly. We are coupled with all the other minds or souls which have ever existed, which are now existing, and which have yet to exist. Since there is no time, past, present and future are the same. This might be difficult to get ahold of, but when in the Universal, there are no boundries.

I believe our soul will be able to "physically exist" in other planes of existence while in the Universal. We can experience the "life stories" of others, relive history, watch classic sports games as if they're happening now, walk with dinosaurs. The possibilities are endless. I don't know if we will have a virtual panel board on which to "program" our experience or if it would seem mixed up to us while having our present perspective. I do know that as a Universal Citizen, we will retain what it means to be ourselves. When we ponder our afterlife, the main question we always have is will we remember who we were? Do "we" just disappear? No. We are acclimated and absorbed by the Universal, but we retain all memory of ourselves, and will suddenly remember "all" of our selves, if we've had multiple existences. I know for a "fact" although I have nothing to back me up, that at one time I was a black man in what is now Tanzania. I have been back to Africa many times in dreams and in deep thought. My existence was long ago I believe, but perhaps it is an existence yet to come. It's a hazy vision now, but when I pass from existence, the vision will not only be crystal clear, but it will be happening "now", and I will understand it more because I will be part of the Universal.

Is there a God? Who is He?

God is the sum total of the Universal Mind. I won't quarrel with the divinity of Jesus, or attempt to doubt that Muhammad (peace be upon him) was given directions and instuctions by God. Perhaps Joseph Smith did receive inspiration from angels. Since the Universal is vast and righteously impossible for most of us to understand, these spiritual events could have happened. I think that more spiritual events have happened than are even recorded. Can a tortilla bear the visage of Jesus? Why not. That's always going to be my answer. I don't personally know, but I won't quibble with your right to believe in whatever you choose, unless of course, you are trying to eradicate my own existence in the name of your beliefs. That's the sad legacy of mankind.

However, when those individual members of the human race perish, and their physical bodies are buried in the sands of time, their minds and the souls of the Universal Mind are joined, not like the pod people of science fictiion, but like the directory of heaven. We will be individual and part of the greatest collective in Universal existence. We are the 'star stuff" of dreams. The answer to the question. We are Universal.


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