How can you declare that you believe in a "Universal Mind" which encompasses a variety of different belief systems and still believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?

I was raised a Christian, in the Baptist Church, although never baptised. I was "reborn" as a Pentecostal. I've always believed in the power of Christ's ministry, and I believe He is the Son of God. I will go a little farther, and declare that all of humanity are children of the Godhead. If there is life on other planets, they, too, are the progeny of the universe, and children of God.

The Universal encompasses God, and God encompasses the Universal. All time is a moment in the cosmos, and in that moment, anything can, and has, happened. Creationists dispel the scientific evidence that the earth is millions of years old, preferring to have faith in the Word of the Holy Bible, which, in the first verses of the first chapter of Genesis, declares the creation of the universe in seven days by God. Those "seven days" might have lasted for millenia, and they might have lasted but a fraction of a moment. The "big bang" is God's gift, and the universe exists, and has existed, forever. Time is merely a construct designed by mankind. He cannot understand the concept of a universe where time is unimportant. If man were granted (by the Godhead) the "universal truths" which exist. If man were given the power to "see" the future, the past, and the present all at the same "time" as it is in the Universal, then he would understand that seven "days" is a moot concept. The world was "created" and through millions of years of geologic time, it cooled and provided sustenance to life forms, among them, mankind. God did create man, even if the facts of this creation might seem to differ from the actual recounting as told in Genesis. In Genesis, men are given lifetimes which last for 1000 years as well.

Was there a minister named Yeshua who walked the shores of the Sea of Galilee two thousand years ago? Yes. Was he the Son of God? Yes. Was he born of a virgin? Why not? A lot of agnostics seem to ask why when confronted with Biblical "history". I prefer to ask "why not?" When I was granted my epiphany in high school, and given the "keys to the kingdom", unlocking all manner of questions I had harbored concerning religious dogmas and spiritual wonders, the most important piece of information I was given is that there is more truth to the competing belief systems than is otherwise accepted by proponents of the opposing beliefs. Jesus Christ may very well have been "divine", a flesh and blood representative of the Universal Truth, who was given life, born of a virgin mother, and commanded by the Universal Presence (i.e. God) to spread the Word to the then civilized world, a Word of tolerance, love, and peace. Three concepts which seem to be common sensical, but which seem, even at this late date, to be ignored by the general populace.

Jesus was killed for his teachings. I won't blame anyone or group in particular. A perfect storm of opposition seemed to converge at his feet upon that cross, and he died. Was he resurrected three days later?

Why not?

The Universe is filled with many things we mortals cannot understand. Some of us are granted epiphanies which reveal for us the "realizations" inherent in existence. Some of us become prophets, spreading these "Words". I don't like to call myself a "prophet". I'll stick with "philosopher." It's less "religious" in tone. Religion is what tears mankind apart, and which sometimes sets him against his brethern. Religion is what has caused the city of Jerusalem to be under seige for most of it's existence, or else under an uneasy peace, which can be shattered at any time, by factions of differing "religions".

The Universal doesn't "believe" in religion. Jesus was Jewish, and during his lifetime, there were many competing factions within the Jewish faith. His ministry, after the crucifixion of his successor Peter, became "Christianity." The Catholic church later split in two, and the various Protestant faiths have multiplied precariously ever since. Another great religion, the Islamic Faith, is based on the teachings of Muhammad (peace be upon him) who was given the dictum to preach the word of God after receiving a series of epiphanies. His story is no less spiritual than that of Jesus. His teachings are no less "holy". Yet even today, the rift between the Christian and the Islamic faiths has caused many a human life to perish in war after war, all in the name of God.

God is the Universal power which binds us all. God is existence. Geology Space. And, that ever present little castaway Time. The Universal gives us our life and breath, and also gives birth to galaxies and stars. The Universal also gives birth to the smallest of particles making up what we perceive as "reality." That the Universal is all encompassing, and given that for the Universal time is nonexistant, there are aspects of "unreality" which exist just as solidly as that reality we can touch, taste, smell, and see. It is the "unreality" which can account for a seven day creation, for the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, and for the visions of Muhammad (PBUH). There is more to the Universe than any of us here on Earth can attest. The Universe encompasses the smallest and the largest, the oldest and the latest, and sees into the future, and knows the answers.

When we die physically, we do not know what will happen next. This vital piece of information has been hidden from us by the Universal. Is there a Heaven and Hell? Perhaps. But the "final realization" will grant us release from the burdens of questioning. The "final realization" will teach us the ultimate truth. We are all part of the Universal, and we will reunite with the Universal, and with each other, in space, time, and universal harmony. We might be given second chances on Earth. We might visit other worlds. The possiblities are endless because the Universe is endless. We shouldn't push our luck, or hasten the inevitable. We should be able to stop, look, and listen. See the beauty of nature. The wonder of the sunrise and sunset. And the grandeur of the moon, the closest heavenly body to our small planet. In time, we shall pass from this existence to the next. And all our worries and wonders will be abated. I'm sure I'm going to see Jesus Christ. And I'll still pray to Him while I'm here.


the_kcar said…
Have you had a chance to read through The Noble Quran? Many of the tales told within the tomes mirror those in the Old Testament, Judeo-Christian Bible.

I think that each is both a historic tale, and a sort of guide to the human soul - the good, the bad, and the ironic, alike.

Then again, I've a unique perspective on much of it.

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