If everybody attains perfection in the universal plane at the end of life regardless of what occurred during their life, doesn't that mean everything we do here on Earth is completely meaningless?

Perfection is simple. Imperfection is very difficult to grasp, hold, and keep in store. Yet doesn't it seem oftentimes that everything which happens in life is imperfect, irrational, and sometimes blitheringly stupid, and rarely do we glimpse, participate in, or become part of something perfect?
We do attain perfection, but we are imperfect beings on Earth. This is the simple truth. We are born "sinners", as the Christian faith believes. We are on a search for Nirvana, according to the Hindu fatih. Basic tenets of religion describe the human animal as unfit for the hereafter until some kind of cleansing process is acheived. This "cleansing process" is the Final Realization life is given at it's end. On Earth, the Universal Mind inhabits a flawed receptacle, and this is as it should be. The human vessel into which our Individual Universal Mind is placed during human birth is a flawed biological machine. This machine can be hurt and maimed quite easily, and some vessels perish immediately or soon after their inception.
The mind on Earth is not fully utilized, and because of this, the body it maneuvers sometimes suffers as a result. This body is going to suffer anyway. Built into the biological timelines of all life is an end to complement the beginning. Although the Universal Mind exists, and has been existing, and will exist forever, the "human mind" which is a part of it while the individual mind is harbored by it's human receptacle, only exists for the 100 or so years it's human receptacle lasts. Some bodies last longer than others, and possibly in the future, the cloning process will replicate a sort of "immortality" to life, but this life will certainly end at some undetermined time. As stated in previous essays, the last fact of life is death. Certainly, without a doubt. Every living thing on Earth dies.
That could be ascertained as purpose itself. A butterfly might not seem to have purpose when concentrating on it's astoundingly short span of existence, most of which is spent in a cocoon. The beautiful butterfly might live an astounding week or so, and then perish, of course only after making sure it's species propogates. Is it's only purpose on Earth to please humans with it's beauty? This has been argued. Ouf lives are purposeful, if only for the fact that, unlike a butterfly, we can question our existence, and discuss it's seeming purpose or purposelessness with our neighbors.
A skeptic might want to argue that if we all attain perfection, and are having a hard time of it right now, what with either bills to pay, the skyrocketing cost of petrol, peer pressure at work or school, or impending homelessness, then why not end our insignificant antlives which don't seem to be doing any good right now this minute and by ending them we might just decrease the surplus population (apologies to Charles Dickens).
In the long run, I could agree. But even by agreeing, I'll suppose that ending one's or another's existence is an unbelievably thoughtless act. Why put your controller down and end the game before the game is over? Ending the human existence is uncalled for. The "life" we live is part of our Universal Existence. We might very well find that we have more than one of these lives when we attain the Universal. If we keep snuffing them, then we might not attain perfection for a mighty long "time". Most religions have a commandment that tells the parishoners not to kill anybody else or to shuffle off one's own mortal coil.
We exist. We can reach out and touch. We can experience great pain and joy, and we can't have one without the other. We will not be able to experience perfection without first having lived our lives. We have to find the signposts the Godhead puts in our way. We have to be able to attain as close to an enlightened state while we exist here on Earth, because this brings us ever and ever closer to the Universal.
Some people are luckier than others. Some seemed to be doomed to failure at all costs. There are evil and good in the world, and this condition certainly hasn't changed much throughout all the time man has remained on the planet.
As I have stated before, our lives on Earth are the "wonder years". We have to work through our existence, taking the bad with the good, appreciating the specialness of our postion in the "food chain", and especially appreciating our minds, which remain the kernals of the cosmos. We will, soon enough, pass from this existence, and we should be ready for that to happen at any time. The truly special among us appreciate and embrace life fully, knowing intimately the "now" as opposed to the "schedule". The semi enlightened from the past, the present, and the future, are our seers and prophets, even though they seemingly spout differing dogmas in different languages. Are we supposed to be confused unbelievers, ready to call it a day because we can't understand anything? Are we supposed to be confident that we don't care if we live or we die because this blog maintains we are all perfect in the hereafter?
No, and no. We can wonder. We're supposed to. In the Universal, we won't need to wonder any more. But to remain confused, ignoring the signs that the Universal places in front of us, and doubting why we should exist at all, is to remain unenlightened, possibly continuing the circle of Earthly life until finally the realizations are attained during one of them. We are "one" and "all" in the Universal Mind, and we are perfect, as is the cosmos. The questions which make us wonder during this life disappear, but not the ideas our minds have compiled and processed during this life. Therefore our lives, while only being building blocks from a Universal Perspective, are perfectly imperfect, and deserving of fruition, and the feeding of information, observation, and emotion. Age, believe it or not, teaches us a lot. We keep learning, if we have a "mind" to, right up until the wondrous end, the "light" at the end of our sometimes seemingly mundane tunnel of life. With age should come wisdom. Time seems to speed up. It doesn't really exist anyway. We only know that our Earthly body seems to wither and decay. We think time is the culprit.
Every moment is filled with the "wonder" and "purpose" of the Universal Mind.


Unknown said…
nothing biblical about saying everyone winds up the same no matter what they do here...just saying
Thank you, Michael.
I'll always remember this.
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