What is this concept I've been hearing called "Living in the "Now".

Frequently, new age philosophies speak of a concept called "living in the "Now". This concept preaches that each soul on the corporeal plane should look around, enjoy, and soak in the experiences that they are going through, and to elevate, as much as they can, thier current state of being into a super sensory state, so that they can assimilate all of these experiences, and not "worry" about events and occurrences that happened in the past that might have caused them pain or suffering, or to "worry" about the future, which might seem to them uncertain.
The "now" is usually thought of as "current time". "Stopping to admire a flower", or to "soak in God's beauty" is "living in the "Now". Forgetting one's frights, fears, sadnesses, and disappointments for a moment, and stopping to "absorb" the world in all it's wonder is to suspend these worries and sadnesses. The concept is a "power of positive thinking" rule which tells that if one can relate less to misfortune, then one can relate more to good feelings and satisfaction.
In the Universal, there is no concept of time, and "now" is "forever". I believe that the idea for corporeal souls to "experience" their total existance is a marvelous one. So seldom do we actually "stop for a moment" to realize how special and wonderful our existence really is. When we finally pass from this existence, the existence itself becomes a "postcard" or "placeholder" for our experiences, and it is absorbed with the billions of existences which have passed before or are still to come, either here on Earth or anywhere else in the Universe that life exists. Each "moment", each "now" is "frozen" in an otherworldly notion of "time" so that the Universal Mind can infiltrate, absorb, and experience again these "moments" as if they are happening, "now". To the Universal Mind, "now" is all that "exists". The past, future, and present is all mixed up in the "now".
If one lives in a 'rerun' where each day is so similar to the one before, that one forgets the "now" for the "remembered reality" then one is missing some very interesting and life affirming "moments" because he is too wrapped up in his perceptions rather than his experiences. One very important thing the self help groups of the seventies instilled in their acolytes was this "living in the now" concept. Most people develop "routines" in their lives, and the routines become ruts which are invariably always difficult to emerge from.
Most people go to work at the same time every day. They usually drive the same route. Sometimes by changing some aspect of their existence slightly, like varying the drive to work, the "routine" existence can be shattered, and "admiration" of the "now" can be achieved. Nobody can change everything overnight, but by inching forward by degrees, or taking "baby steps" of understanding, one can achieve an enlightened state in what might seem the most mundane of circumstances.
A lot of new age philosophy teaches people to "live in the "Now". Now is certainly the time to start. When the corporeal existence ends for us, and it doesn't really "end" because it just becomes more of the mix of experience which permeates the Universal Mind, each placeholder in time that existed for us will be available for review. In the Universal, we don't "think" about it, it "is". The "experience", this "life we lead", the questions we have and the observations we engage ourselves in, are all "here" in the "now" for us to experience again, at the same time. The Universal Mind also plays host to all other "lives" and in the Universal, all "lives" are one "life", which translates as the "godhead" or the "creator" of this life.
When we come to the Final Realization, we attain enlightenment with the Universal, and "now" exists forever.
We might very well attempt, in our daily existence, while here on Earth, to experience the "now" as much as possible, and this will bring us closer to attaining the enlightenment which we will one day take for granted.


Anonymous said…
Hello Michael,

So sorry i'm just now getting around to this. You have posed some very strong challenges to the new age thought i've been hearing for quite some time.

Euphoric mindsets, geez, that needs to be more than, in my opinion, deluding ones self with positive thinking of the degree so popularily preached.

Somewhere years ago i saw a bumper sticker that was a jab at the "Think World Peace" stickers that were hiding dents and rust on every other chrome bumper. It had me laughing so hard i almost wrecked, "Think Whirled Peas" it said. And that's about how i view the whole positive-thinking schtick. One's gonna do about as much good as the other.

There's more to life than mindsets, Doing something about world peace (and whirled peas) is what makes things happen, not trying to think it into existance. Again, my opinions.

Seems more reasonable to me that whatever Powers That Be there are, they'd much rather we set hands and hearts to dirty, gritty efforts to make things better. Each human being making sacrifices of daily life to aid others, rather than expend alot of mental flatulence, (and you used this term before, it's one i've used for many years myself), and mental masterbation to wish things were better.

Thanks for giving me something to chew on today. As always, i do appreciate the excercise of mental muscles. :)

Anonymous said…
That sounds very much like the conclusion I have come to on my own and I find it refreshing that I, we, My partner and I are not alone in this direction of thinking.

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