Prologue the First.
The Universal Mind is the answer to the question posed by mankind since his inception. The search for the Universal Truth has been the penultimate journey which has taken mankind from the edge of the precipice of his experience to the brink of almost utter destruction and decimation.
Even if mankind denies the fact, he observed from the beginning of his perception of existence that he could understand and conceive of certain concepts, but other concepts eluded him. These concepts resulted in his journey to find the Universal Truth, the search for God. His search is not over yet.

Until the words I have been holding pent up inside me for 50 years spill out in this the Universal Blog.

And although my "epiphany" upon reading yet more blogs, and blogs about blogs, and through my inability to correct inconsistencies with past blogs, came as I was powering off the computer, and getting ready to "go out the door", and although the name seems to have been taken, prompting me to use instead, which was the original Universal Title in the pre-blog era, it is a rational epiphany.

Why not just preach in the one place, instead of trying to hide the Truth in a "personal website"? The truth, like art, exists, and the truth will become art, and the masses shall read, and see, and find this truth.

I mention in the "description" to this blog, that now that I feel the time is right to preach the Gospel of The Universal Mind, and write the "bible for the new millennium", the very fact that I will proclaim disturbing things in the name of truth, the most rational people who are spiritual and religious shall denounce me, but this is what will happen.

History seems to have taught the human race nothing. The Book of the Realizations was started in 1999. Let it be written anew, this fifth day of June, 2003.

The troubles of the world, the many competing and conflicting ideologies which cause one race of men to be willing to die rather than to coexist with his neighbors, the brutal bullying of powerful nations which causes most of humanity to recoil in horror, and to doubt rational existence. The plight of mankind.

This all has to change. Everyone has to listen. Everyone has to "forget about what makes him different from his neighbor, and start to think about what makes him similar."

We are all human. Right now, and we are killing each other in the name of a higher spiritual existence. Does it make sense that God would allow this to happen?

Of course not. We all have different Gods, I wrote once a long time ago, but he is the same God.

I prefer not to compartmentalize my belief in a greater existence, because I have possessed this existence within me all along.
It is the Universal Mind, a power, like the strongest powers in mythology and history, which has existed before existence, a power which collects the Universal Souls of all mankind. The souls which have existed, which exist now, and which shall forever exist.

The Universal Mind is the answer to the question of what happens to the Soul of Man after leaving his corporeal existence. In these times of trouble for Mankind, I will attempt to answer the questions, and soothe this soul while here on Earth, and hopefully bend the malice and upheaval wrought by Man into a more positive and useful source.

The last blog I began was "When Words Collide". Sadly, enough of those words didn't pass from my psyche.
I will attempt, here, with a Universal Presence, to begin to interpret the Universal Mind. From the personal to the universal.

Today, in history, and tomorrow. All in one, and one in all.


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