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Those who misconstrue the lessons life teaches and do not learn by them are usually the ones who complain about the random nature of existence. There are those who passively become part of their own scenery, and there are those who carry around their own paintbrushes.

Friday, August 05, 2005

There seems to be a lot of weather anomalies lately. Is something happening that signals the end of mankind?

Throughout recorded history, there have been numerous reports of weather anomalies, increased earthquake activity, and great damage caused to the earth and it's atmosphere. As science advances, and more detailed methods of recording these "anomalies" are widely used, we receive more and more information concerning them. The earth's "plate tektonics" which cause earthquakes, have been moving and shaking since the beginning, and the continents used to be much closer than they are now. As the "earth moves", earthquakes happen. When man builds massive cities on the "faults" of these plates, they are always in danger of being destroyed when the plates rub up against each other.The great tsunami of 2004 was not "unnatural". It was a natural phenomenon caused by the moving of the plates under the sea, which caused a "bubble" of water which raced to the nearest shores. Since the shore is shallower approaching land, the water wall is logically larger, and this is what caused the damage to the islands and areas in it's wake.Recently, Shuttle astronauts "warned" that man has to "take care" of the earth because the atmosphere from space looked like an "eggshell" covering an egg. There was no comparison made, so the statement, while being serious, has no scientific grounding in fact. Of course it's true that the ozone layer is being depleted. Of course it's true that greenhouse gasses are causing global warming. Will we see a reversal of this trend? Perhaps, but I don't think it's very likely. The "wheels" were set in motion decades ago, and man, as is his wont, will quarrel about how to "fix" his mistakes till he finally ends his stay on the planet.Ah, but is that stay about to end in "our lifetimes"? The amount of people now dead who have posed that question is enormous. Life seems to always find a way to survive. Perhaps life will, in evolutional terms, change, so that man is "replaced" by some other species which finds it easier to "live" in the wasteland man has created out of the earth. Who knows? Perhaps the dinosaurs "destroyed" the earth making way for mammals and man. This is not likely. So far, science points to a global annihilation caused by a comet or meteor.Could a comet or meteor hit the earth and would that signal the end of man?Sure, why not. As I always like to point out, anything can happen. I can get hit by a bus crossing the street when I least expect it. That will end my life, here, on earth, and for me, mankind would end right there.It is true that humankind should wake up to the fact that he is destroying rain forests, wetlands, and ecological domains which sustain life which makes the "world go round", and by doing this, he is actually changing the face of the planet. But before man, the face of the planet changed drastically. Perhaps this "is written" somewhere in the Universal Scheme of Things. And perhaps not. The idea that man is "doomed" has been an idea cooked up as soon as man realized he could control things on the planet. Early man might make a wonderful life for himself and then get attacked by a Mammoth. He can only control so much.Do I think man should make a more concerted effort to "save the planet". You betcha. I do my part, as small as it is, to be environmentally conscious. Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, when I was in high school, and I was part of the "Eco-Action Committee". But do I think that next week driving in to work the world will suddenly end because of some global "happening" or "disaster". Simply, No. I think that faster communication, greater advancements in science, and awareness of the problems in the first place, are combining to scare people about another "end times scenario". My basic belief in the Universal Mind tells me not to worry. I never worry. I feel dreadfully sorry for loss of life, but I know that life does not "cease" when we exit this plane. The "earth" is just a tiny ball of water and sand in the Universal. Life is not like we tangibly know it in the Universal. The closest we have to "visualizing" the "afterlife" is in dreams, and most dreams are hazy and incomprehensible, because our "soul" or "mind" has not learned how to experience them. In the true "Universal Realm" our afterlife experiences are crystal clear. If I die tomorrow, I know that I will pass into the Universal, and no petty worries about "life on earth" will matter. Perhaps there are other "earths" in the Universal. Perhaps there are other "dimensions" and even time travel is possible. We are fated not to know these things now, because we are not ready. Some of us are granted "epiphanies" which tell us slivers of truths about the Universal Mind. Some are more ready than others.But needless worry about our condition on the planet is the bait that cults and religious organizations have dangled over a distrubed populace for centuries. Usually every group who trumpets the "end times" has some sort of ulterior motive. The internet and availability of mass instant communication has been added to this mix and fuels these cults and religious organizations. Don't get caught up in any hype. You will read that it is "hotter" or "colder" or there's more rainfall or more drought. And you will read this next year, and the next year and the next. Weather is not "normal", and mankind has always tried to make it conform to "patterns". That these "patterns" change with each season is "normal" for weather. Sometimes I think mankind has always wanted to create his own downfall, and won't stop until he has succeeded. For those of us who are watching this and shaking our heads, we only have to realize that as long as we are here, we should attempt to enjoy our existence, help our fellow man as much as possible, preach love and tolerance, and do what we can in our small way to prolong rather than impede life's progress. And when we pass from this existence, our death will provide the key to Universal Existence, and our "worries" will suddenly cease.