All the pieces of the puzzle of life fall neatly into place. I've thought about life, existence, the universe, and God for the first fifty years of my personal life. Now I wish to divulge my findings, and find my destiny in the second 50. This is the personal/universal journey of Michael F. Nyiri

Those who misconstrue the lessons life teaches and do not learn by them are usually the ones who complain about the random nature of existence. There are those who passively become part of their own scenery, and there are those who carry around their own paintbrushes.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Every life ends with Death, and that's the way it is.

I know that the end is preordained, simply because there is an end to every beginning. My own personal life, as I age, telescopes: the days become weeks become years, and now they are becoming decades. I know that mankind's life span on Earth is perfect. As one starts to accommodate all the data learned and absorbed during a hundred years, one realizes that technology and thought has passed him by. Each time he learns something else, he has to forcibly forget, or, sadly, have to see something dearly learned years ago, pass from humankind's need to know, simply because the cultural technology passes, and passes one by.
The body then breaks down, dissipates, and decays. At that time the mind doesn't need the body. At the time of physical death, at least that of old age, the mind has the perfect time to pass away from this life and into the next, where the limits are not posed on the capability of the mind to understand. THAT'S ALL THERE IS IN THE "AFTERLIFE". All is the mind. The mind is all, and in the "next life" we connect our mind with the Universal Mind.