All the pieces of the puzzle of life fall neatly into place. I've thought about life, existence, the universe, and God for the first fifty years of my personal life. Now I wish to divulge my findings, and find my destiny in the second 50. This is the personal/universal journey of Michael F. Nyiri

Those who misconstrue the lessons life teaches and do not learn by them are usually the ones who complain about the random nature of existence. There are those who passively become part of their own scenery, and there are those who carry around their own paintbrushes.

Saturday, January 31, 2004

The Concept of "Wonder", why it makes us human, and why it disappears.

It is human to "wonder" and to question one's existence. It sometimes seems, to a secular mind, that life is a game, a test of time, a fallacy of existence. The rocks don't seem to age, but they do. They just follow the geologic timetable, and it is much slower than the timetable we humans keep. I wonder if rocks wonder? Will I ever find out?

The "wonderful" answer is yes. We all find out, but we can't discuss it until we do. That's the sad fact of the Universal Mind. It doesn't open until we pass from our "wondering ways" and into that mortal tomb. Only then does our "star stuff" pass into Univesality, and all "wonders" cease.

Will wonders never cease?

They do, but we are in no earthly rush to kill ourselves and find out. (Well, some of us anyway.) When we pass, the Mind opens. The Mind, that part of us which causes us to wonder, that part of us which becomes alive in dreams, becomes all. This transformation is so "wonderful" that it is unexplainable while we "exist". In effect, our "existence" commences at the time of it's extinction. So the mortal vessel, and it's short life on the planet Earth, and all it's "wonders" will cease.

Ironic perhaps, but it's something to wonder about.
"Can one believe in Muhammad, Christ, or any one diety, and believe in the teachings of another as well? Isn't this blasphemy?"

I preach conventional blasphemy. For some terrible reason, our history has always favored one diety over another, depending upon "who's in charge." This is to the detriment of the populace at large, who usually have to worship the current God in Favor. The major prophets were all channelling the godhead. I believe the prophets themselves were blessed. It is the historical unraveling of thier basic tenets which has caused the ultimate rift in mankind. I truly believe that Jesus Christ, upon which the major religion of Christianity is based, Muhammad, upon whom the faith of Islam has it's benchmark, Buddah, or Sri Krsna, and a wealth of other similarly enlightened prophets were endowed with spiritual epiphanies. The Universal Truth is that these tenets, these great teachings, have been bastardized and circumvented thoughout the ages of man to correspond to the whims of the ruling party.

I was raised Christian, and I still believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in the teachings of Muhammad as well, although I don't practice the "law" of any religion. I believe "the law" is ultimately the reinterpretation of the secular concerns of the ruling kings, rewritten into the scholarly books of the bibles in order to subjugate humanity. I've never been babtized, but I was raised a Baptist. I don't bow to Mecca six times a day. I don't practice Yoga. I exist, and I postulate, and I wonder. When I wonder, I almost feel as if some spiritual presence is visiting me, and letting me know that I don't have to wonder about whether I am correctly following the Law of Religion. Faith in the Universal Mind ultimately lets me know that it is man who is writing the law, and that when I die, and truly pass through the portals of the Universal Mind, that is when my "soul" joins the billions and billions of other souls in the Spriitual Universe, and that is when I will Know For Certain that I am right, and I didn't have to worry, or wonder, all along.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

If a Concept is Universal, and includes all forms of religious and spiritual thought, then does it account for extraterrestial life and UFO's?

Most certainly if a Universal concept could be grasped, then it would have to contain references which would suppose a belief in UFO's and life on other planets. I believe there is life on other worlds. It seems that the Universal Mind might exist outside the confines of our solar system. I believe by reason of my humanity, I cannot fathom the idea that connects planetary systems through a life connection. And perhaps there have been visitations, experimentation, and abductions? Perhaps. If there are other species of life, then what use is there to characterize them at all. They are, by their very nature, alien to us, and this could mean, as has been predicted in science fiction for ages, either a friendly bond with a Universal purpose, or the end of mankind as we know it.

Are they in fact lizards who walk among us? Who am I to say? I don't know, and have never myself been abducted or has any E.T. ever phoned me. But I cannot shake the fact that there have certainly been numerous instances thoughout history where disparate accounts have been similarly voiced. There could be other beings on other worlds. There could be other forms of thought in other dimensions. I don't know, but I embrace the idea that there might.

Could aliens be our "Gods"?

Not likely. If they exist, they exist in a Universal way, either one in which they can "reach out an touch us" or one in which they use mind control. It doesn't matter, because a Universal Mind exists which WE cannot even grasp. That is why it is so important that we give our doubts sway, and believe in the Universal Concept.

There might be aliens. Who knows? I won't say there aren't. Same with leprechauns and fairies. There are those in Ireland and Scotland who have seen fairies, denizens of another train of thought. Do they exist? Perhaps? Why not? Probably. Same with our little gray men.